“A Unique Case!” A Woman Was Expecting Her First Child And Gave Birth To 9 Children At Once

The case of 25-year-old Halima Cisse came as a real surprise to Moroccan doctors. A young woman and her husband were expecting the birth of their first child, what was their surprise when an ultrasound examination showed multiple pregnancies, what a pregnancy!

The birth of two or more children naturally is a rarity. More often this happens as a result of IVF. That is why the case of Halima can be called unique because she became pregnant with nine children in a completely natural way. Doctors closely monitored the growth and development of the babies, however, natural childbirth in the case of Halima could become a risk to the life of both the mother and her many babies.

Therefore, when the weight of each of the nines exceeded 500 g, Halima was scheduled for a cesarean section. The babies had to be nursed for a long time in a hospital, but as a result, all the twins survived. Today, Halima and her husband are the proud parents of five girls and four boys.

They admit that they did not plan to have so many children yet, but the surprise was real happiness for them.

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