“Breaking Stereotypes”: Plus Size Model Shows That Anyone Can Look Stylish And Weight Doesn’t Matter At All!

According to Iskra Lawrence, beauty and attractiveness have nothing to do with the size of your clothing. She is a fashion model, editor-in-chief, and model who demonstrates how to dress plus-size ladies. She is 28 years old.

Iskra spends a few hours at the gym three to four times a week to stay in shape.

She teaches females how to stay fit and shares her routines on her own channel.

Iskra used to be a normal model and was formerly very skinny. She was constantly on stringent diets, which drained her.

She understood, though, that she was no longer required to abuse her body.

She no longer follows rigorous diets; instead, she keeps fit by exercising out and eating well.

Many people esteem her physique.

Her admirers aspire to imitate her style.

She gives women the confidence, poise, and sense of style to take care of themselves.

Iskra is a smart and self-assured woman!

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