“Beauty Has Gone”: Photos Of Julia Roberts On Vacation Hit The Net!

Hollywood has long regarded Julia Roberts as one of its most attractive actresses. She became known for this after appearing in the movie “Pretty Woman.”

At the age of 54, some individuals believe that Julia’s appearance has changed.

After seeing recent paparazzi images of her while on vacation, these conclusions were formed. Julia looks different in those pictures than she does in movies.

Her tummy is more apparent, and many note that she has acquired weight around her waist. A number of unfavorable remarks poured in, including “Julia has lost her beauty” and “She’s not the same anymore.”

It appears that some individuals do not like how she currently looks.

There are devoted supporters who stand up for Julia, though. They praise her as a beautiful woman and exhort others to recognize her attractiveness.

They admonish those who criticize to first examine themselves in the mirror.

Are you a fan of Julia Roberts? And if so, which of her movies do you prefer to watch?

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