“Too Old For Ken?”: 42-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Wittily Responded To The Haters!

Ryan Gosling is receiving flak for his portrayal of Ken in the upcoming film “Barbie.” Some people believe that, at 42 years old, he is too old to play the artificial figure who is perpetually young.

He looks dried up and ancient, they say, pointing out his wrinkles. Some people even contend that better candidates would have been performers like Chris Evans or Henry Cavill.

Gosling responded by speaking out in a GQ interview. There are many different Kens available if folks don’t want to play with his version of Ken, he claimed.

He was taken aback by how suddenly everyone was so worried about the normally supporting role. He feels that people’s sudden interest in Ken is disingenuous because they weren’t previously interested in him.

He believes Ken’s tale merits to be recounted.

Despite what he said, Gosling feels a connection to Ken and jokes that he now looks after him. He also accepts accolades on Ken’s behalf because he considers himself to be his spokesperson.

He is honored to play Ken and feels that he is the ideal choice for the part. Gosling previously shared a sincere justification for his initial decision to accept the role.

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