Shаme, grandma! 64-year-old Madonna showed her brеasts in transparent and tight lingеrie

Grandma, shame! Madonna, 64, displayed her breasts in tight, translucent lingerie.

Today is Madonna’s 65th birthday. But she believes she is no more than 20. There are other examples that support this, such as her novels featuring men who would be ideal for her grandkids and her choice of clothing, which is embarrassing to wear in public.

Some people are delighted, some people are amused, and some people are annoyed by the compulsive quest of a star for endless youth. Madonna uses a variety of techniques, including plastic surgery, contouring, fillers, and Botox, to maintain the elusive beauty of youth.

Additionally, the singer ruthlessly photoshops herself into a 16-year-old girl’s appearance in pictures posted on social media. It appears absurd and even pitiful. Particularly in contrast to her natural images when her face was deflated by fillers.

The music queen, who was formerly known for her flamboyant fashion choices, is now pictured in increasingly revealing clothing and occasionally without any at all.

Such photos by Madonna every several months would appear sassy. But because she enjoyed being naked so much, viewers only smiled when they saw it.

The star is currently the target of new steamy video jokes. The singer appeared on them wearing only her underwear, or more accurately, a lace corset that barely covers her chest. However, it is raised to such a height that it appears quite absurd.

Haters wrote, “Shame, granny!” in their comments under these pictures. They are also understandable.

On the other hand, one thing is undeniable: the star’s energy is consistently high and feels quite youthful. Her single asset is that; it is impossible to fake such a feeling in any way.

The courage of a star who ignores the hostility, pursues her objectives, and succeeds in them can only be envied.

By the way, Madonna recently broke a record. She was the first female artist to have songs on the Billboard Hot 100 for fifty years after Cher. The singer also embarked on an 84-day globe tour at the middle of July.

We anticipate seeing her new stage attire because I have a feeling that it will spark a lot of conversation.

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