On the nаked body! fans are wondering if there is lingerie under Irina’s reveаling ghostly dress

within the nude body! Irina’s revealing ghostly dress has people wondering if there is undergarments below.

Irina Shayk has recently impressed with her bold clothing choices.
Consider the most recent Cannes Film Festival. He invited the Russian supermodel, who astounded everyone with her exits.

This movie star beauty put on a really unique and daring set at the Firebrand premiere. Even a little top made of two leather stripes that were crossed could not totally conceal the star’s bust.

Her midriff was entirely exposed, and the extremely low-rise skirt appeared to be poised to slip even lower and show more than was necessary.

Irina continued to undress almost completely after that. Her body was entirely exposed by a translucent, invisible Gucci dress, along with a little pair of panties, the lower portion of which had shifted to the side while she was walking.

Shake’s nude procession is still going strong after the event is ended. The supermodel shared a picture with her followers wearing a unique Versace gown with a see-through skirt. Irina, posing, stood on the steps in such a way that she displayed far more than was intended when she was meant to open her legs from the hips.

This created a significant stir on the network.

Fans enlarge the image and wonder if the celebrity is wearing any underwear or if the tan markings are all that are visible.

Remember that despite Shayk’s dazzling beauty and stunning shape, many people started to criticize her for such a drastic shift in appearance. Some people feel that Irina is already good enough and shouldn’t be shown off too much.

By the way, people started to contrast Shayk with Julia Fox, the trash queen. By the way, she also flaunted a transparent ensemble the day before, which might be considered the most “naked” clothing of 2023.

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