Goddess figure! Emily’s beach photo shoot in Brazil caused a sensation on the Web

Divine figure The beach photo shoot of Emily in Brazil went viral online.

Emily Ratajkowski, an American actress and model, never stops titillating her followers’ fantasies with outrageous photos.

The 31-year-old Emily Bear-McClard is the mother of Sylvester Apollo Bear-McClard, who is 2 years old. Emily gave birth to Sylvester during a brief marriage to producer Sebastian Bear-McClard (their relationship lasted only 4 years).

This was once more proven by Ratajkowski a few days ago in a wonderful photo shoot that recalled her work with the clothes line Mirror Palais and her own swimsuit line, Inamorata.

The model posed for the cover photo holding a coconut alongside Mirror Palais designer and owner Marcelo Gaia.
She also displayed a video in which she posed while straightening her tight thong seductively in front of a mirror while wearing the same vibrant blue-yellow-green bikini.

In a different image, Ratajkowski pushed her hair back, revealing the lower portion of her toned buttocks behind a pair of white and green swim trunks. She wore a crop top in white with a blue heart on the back over a form-fitting bathing suit.

One of the sharpest was the perspective in which Emily displayed her main “attraction” up close against the backdrop of the Brazilian beach and mountains.

More than a million Instagram users “liked” Ratajkowski’s carousel in only a few hours after her photo shoot became a major online hit.

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