Gisele goes string bikini wakeboarding in Miami with her children

Gisele and her kids wakeboard in string bikinis in Miami.

While out on the waves, the model exuded confidence and focus, and she also cheered on her kids as they engaged in the risky water sport.

Benjamin, 13, and Vivian, 10, spent the day with their mother Gisele Bundchen, 42. Wakeboarding was observed by the model and her children, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady, in Miami, Florida.

She had her long hair down and was wearing a blue life vest over a long-sleeved bodysuit with black and white striped sleeves.

The model once flaunted a black string biкini. When her kids were on a boat, Benjamin, who was sporting a blue life jacket and light blue shorts with white stripes, also tried out wakeboarding with his mother encouraging him.

Vivian was captured on camera having fun in the water as well.

Gisele recently called Miami “home” in an interview with People, which led to her most recent outing with her kids. She told the website, “I’m loving Miami,” after helping the Brazil Foundation raise more than $1 million for forestry programs in her own country.

I adore the sunshine, and everyone is so friendly and open that it makes me feel at home.

The mother of two moved to Miami after divorcing Tom in October 2022. “I love Miami because it is all about being outside and I am a very active person.” My sisters are now visiting me much more frequently thanks to the ease of travel to Brazil from here, which makes me very pleased,” she continued.

Alluding to her other sisters Rafaela, Graziela, Gabriela, and Raquel as well as her twin sister Patricia. “The youth are also having fun in Miami. Horses are Vivi’s passion, and she is now leaping crazy.

She also highlighted how much they enjoy playing outside activities in the sunshine, including jiu-jitsu. She went on to say of herself and her kids, “We all love to do jiu-jitsu, which is really fantastic for creating self-confidence.

We also like to bounce on our backyard’s big trampoline while we’re outside. Additionally, we like to go paddle boarding and kayaking; it’s a lot of fun.

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