This is mаadness! Brit danced for fans in skimpy biкini

This is insane! Brit performed for fans while wearing a bikini

Fans are never tired of seeing Britney Spears astound them. The pop artist physically drives her spouse out of the house first, then tolerates him for a short while before organizing dance performances at home once more.

This time, the 41-year-old star debuted in front of the audience on a social network that was outlawed while wearing a red bikini with incredibly thin strings. She finished off her ensemble with a cowboy hat and a pair of long, black boots.

Since the star’s moves were so spontaneous, Britney occasionally appeared a touch off.

Some of the singer’s fans didn’t like the new dance routine, so they started leaving negative reviews. Commenters on the pop singer’s tweet included, “Britney, well, this is already a little bit of madness,” “Please stop,” and “Stop the planet, Spears needs to get off.”

Remember that the star previously sold the property for $10 million? Britney put the house up for sale because, according to Dirt, she didn’t feel at home there.

She gave a prospective buyer a discount of $2,000,000, or almost 160,000,000 rubles! It is not shocking considering the star can afford such significant “losses”.


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