Perfect legs and slim waist! Shakira put on a skimрy dress

Stunning legs and a trim waist! Shakira donned a scanty outfit.

Shakira’s life is once again beginning to play with brilliant colors. The singer is regularly seen out for walks in the most audacious photos since that she has successfully moved on from her divorce from football player Gerard Pique.

Shakira’s life is brimming with color once more. The singer is frequently seen out for walks in the most daring photos now that she has fully recovered from her divorce from player Gerard Pique.

The pop star was recently seen in Miami with some friends. In a blue outfit that also showcased the singer’s long legs and trim waist, Shakira displayed her toned physique.

She finished off her outfit with a pair of large, black glasses. We find it hard to believe the vocalist is 46 years old. We may confidently assert that she solely profited from the divorce.

Recall that Shakira and Gerard Pique ended their 12-year romance last summer. They said that the singer took the lead in starting the gap. She broke up with the football player due to his numerous betrayals.

After they parted ways, Shakira and her sons Sasha and Milan were headed for Miami. Gerard put off the relocation since he didn’t want to send his heirs to another nation. They were able to resolve the conflict in the end.

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