New hairstyle and crumpled nightgown! Angie took to the boardwalk in New York

A brand-new hairdo and a soiled nightgown! In New York, Angie went onto the boardwalk.

The actress should dress lot better, according to fans. The media has always been interested in Angelina Jolie.

Girls liked and coveted the attractiveness of the alluring actress who was the dream of millions of men. The terms “Jolie angles” and

Numerous patients sought out specialists who might give them “Jolie cheekbones” and “Jolie lips” in order to make their faces more aesthetically pleasing. The ideal was Angelina.

But as time went on, the actress started to lose her allure. Divorce from Brad Pitt was the cause of this. The actress changed drastically; she lost weight to a dangerous level, grew despondent, and nearly stopped eating.

Currently, the actress’s form is almost in shape. Yes, she is exceedingly thin; many consider it to be excessive. But the unsettling thinness has long since vanished.

The other day, Jolie and her adoptive daughter Zahara were spotted out for a stroll by the paparazzi. With the new Airtouch coloring, which made the actress feel renewed and invigorated, the famous mother exuded happiness. All of the minor flaws on the star’s face were concealed by sunglasses.

Jolie was wearing a white sundress that was voluminous and looked more like a nightgown than a dress for going out, over a black jacket with gold buttons.

White sandals with grippy soles and a cream-colored bag, which Angelina gripped in her hands, completed the look.

In contrast, Zahara went for a more relaxed look, donning a gray T-shirt, a graphite miniskirt, a dark green sweater, and white sneakers.
Fans praised the Hollywood beauty’s metamorphosis, but her outfit drew scathing criticism.

Internet commenters criticized Jolie’s outfit, calling it “grandma’s sundress,” “how can she not fit shapeless clothes,” “I wonder why she put on a nightgown,” “Jolie does not go this free style,” and “why does she dress like a grandmother.”

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