Miley poses ոаked on the bed! She’s just a daredevil!

Miley displays a nude pose on the bed! She’s just a risk-taker!

On Saturday, Miley Cyrus posted a picture of herself lying on the bed in just a pair of jeans as part of her ongoing promotion for her album Endless Summer Vacation on Instagram. Her wavy hair fell over her face in highlighted waves, and she had multiple visible tattoos.

She captioned the image with the words “You’re lonely now & I hate it.” The phrase appears in the chorus of her newest song, “Jaded,” which is the follow-up to her massive smash “Flowers.”
It’s believed that “Flowers” is about Miley’s ex-husband, actor Liam Hemsworth, while “Jaded” continues the narrative.

The pop star, according to People, is using her songs to reenact her relationship with Liam from her perspective, and things have been better for her since their split.

She is happier and healthier than she has been in a long time. Everyone called her a wild child and blamed her for the divorce, but it wasn’t fair. “Their marriage and relationship were toxic, and she was heartbroken,” the person claimed.

She isn’t attempting to disparage Liam, but she feels she has a right to control the narrative after everyone criticized her following the breakup.

The former couple first connected in 2009 and dated intermittently throughout the following years.

2018 saw their wedding, and 2020 saw their divorce. Australian model Gabriella Brooks and Liam are currently dating. Miley and drummer Maxx Morando have been romantically involved since 2021.

In addition, Miley shared numerous images of herself wearing a metallic gold high-cut one-piece, giving a preview of the upcoming “Jaded” music video’s artwork.She also posted a video of herself in the garden wearing the same dress to thank her followers for streaming “Flowers” so much.

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