Lost and got wrinkles! What does Natalia`s honest pics upset fans

Creases from being lost Why are Natalia’s candid photos upsetting fans?

In the late 1990s, Natalia Oreiro became a favorite of millions of people, and thus far, that popularity hasn’t diminished.

Natalia became well-known because to her portrayal of Milagros in the “Wild Angel” television series. The crowd instantly recalled a young, curly beauty with red hair who was hot and incredibly attractive.

Her signature makeup includes peach blush, bright lip gloss, and mascara. The star’s smooth skin and a healthy complexion became their trademarks.

The actress followed these beauty guidelines for many years, occasionally completing them with a swipe of vivid red lipstick. Natalia’s main advantage up until recently, when aging-related changes took over, was her flawless and beautiful skin.

Oreiro recently uploaded a new video to YouTube in which she wore barely any makeup and didn’t even appear to have been touched up. Many people saw that the actress’s face grew droopy, her wrinkles deepened, and her oval swam.

Fans were surprised to see the “Wild Angel” in this shape, but they also highlighted that Oreiro is still a stunning and alluring woman in spite of all the changes.

Others urged the actress to upload unaltered photographs more frequently since they are “much more pleasant to look at” than ones that have been altered. On the new video, Natalia’s fans said, “She is so old,” “I didn’t expect to see her with wrinkles on her face,” and other similar things.

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