I can’t believe my daughter is 20! Brooke and Rowan posed in a biкini

My daughter turned 20; I can’t believe it! In a bikini, Brooke and Rowan posed.

In a warm resort, the American actress and model is unwinding. Brooke Shields (Brooke Shields) played video of a photo shoot on a beach.
Thailand was visited by the “The Blue Lagoon” star.

The eldest daughter of the 57-year-old actress, Rowan Henchy (Rowan Francis Henchy), joined mom on vacation two days after her birthday. A lavish pool villa was rented by Brooke and Rowan. Family members take walks together, practice yoga, and take a moderate beach vacation.

The actress shared several images from her holiday. Shields swapped her everyday attire for a black sports bikini and a pale green baseball cap to protect her head. T

After giving birth to two children, Brooke’s toned, tanned figure was enhanced by her beach style. Shields didn’t wear any makeup and let her hair down.

The actress’s kid showed up wearing an orange bikini with a flowery pattern. Rowoon wore dark glasses and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. At the bar by the pool, Brooke and her 20-year-old daughter took pictures.

Then the model unveiled a photograph shot during a morning workout with a friend. Shields and Henchy froze while performing a yoga routine in the same positions. Then, the student and the actress posed in gray pajamas as they got ready for a spa day.

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