Eye catching! Heidi on the eve of her 50th birthday sunbathes tоpless on the lawn

An attractive design! Heidi enjoys a topless lawn sunbath the day before turning 50.

On June 1st, German model Heidi Klum will turn 50 years old. You can’t tell from it, because age has no bearing on Klum in any manner. She seemed to have discovered the key to endless youth.

Any young girl would covet a body with a steel press, long legs, and a smooth face. The season for bathing suits has resumed. Fans were shocked by the model’s fresh selfie this time. I

In the image, Heidi smiles while relaxing in her garden and donning a brown thong. Who needs tanning strips? The model overlooked the top of the bathing suit.

Heidi wisely let her hair down so that nothing additional would enter the picture. Despite its frankness, this shot does not come off as obscene at all.

The model naturally tries to keep up with her youthful hubby. The age of Tom Kaulitz is 33. The couple’s 17-year age gap is not an issue because the model appears considerably younger than her actual age. Tom frequently attends social gatherings with his wife since he is very proud of her.

Despite having four children, Heidi was unaffected by giving birth. The model has also stated time and time again that she does not abuse dieting. She simply favors healthy food.

Lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables are all part of her diet. And eating at home helps her keep up her shape. The model would rather know what is on her schedule. And the diet is working.

The model also incorporates sports into her routine to maintain such a glamorous figure at 49 years old. Heidi had previously worked with David Kirsch, a well-known celebrity coach.

After each birth, he was the one who assisted her in losing weight swiftly. The supermodel, however, no longer follows the workout schedule.

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