Stassi pose in a bаre-mirror selfie to display her baby bump! Women’s thirst trap

Stassi shows off her growing baby bulge by posing for a photo in front of an empty mirror. a snare for women’s thirst

The anticipated arrival of Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark’s second child is scheduled for the month of March in 2023.

Former contestant on “Vanderpump Rules” On April 27, Stassi Schroeder took a snapshot of herself in the mirror without any clothes on in which she showcased her growing baby bump with pride. She angled her body to the side, covered her chest with one arm, and held her phone aloft for the camera while she took the picture, which she later shared online.

On her Instagram Story, which is displayed below (she is positioned to the left of the photograph). She did not put on any makeup, and she had her hair tucked into a simple bun behind her ears. Over the bottom, Stassi scribbled, “Didn’t feel like an absolute beast today so… pregnancy thirst trap.”

On March 1, Stassi, who is 34 years old and married to Beau Clark, announced publicly that they are expecting their second child together. She did so by displaying her growing baby bump and admitting that keeping the “secret” of her developing bundle of joy a secret was stressful for her.

Stassi shared on social media that she was expecting a child by posting a picture of herself cradling her expanding belly while sitting on a couch with her two-year-old daughter, Hartford Charlie Rose. Beau uploaded a picture to Instagram of himself showing Hartford her mother’s ultrasound scans as Hartford was sitting on her mother’s lap.

According to what he stated in the caption of the image that was placed below it, “yep, we were totally concealing the bump.” The second snapshot that Beau published showed the joyful couple holding each other while holding his wife’s developing baby bump.

In addition, Stassi and Beau broke the news in an Instagram Reel that was published on the official Instagram account for the The Good The Bad The Baby podcast. Stassi exclaimed in an animated manner,

“We needed to tell y’all first, so we had to come here first so that we could tell y’all.” After that, Beau came in and sighed in concern before remarking, “We’re having,” at which time Stassi re-entered the conversation. “…

Another youngster! “I’m pregnant!” she screamed in shock. Following that, they committed to providing their fans with access to documentation of all aspects of their pregnancy journey. “Y’all have been there for us during this whole ordeal, and we really appreciate it.

They posted the photo with the following phrase to promote the app that requires a monthly subscription: “We can’t wait to share everything about baby #2 with you on Patreon!!!”

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