Lost weight, but the famous hips are still with her! Kim in a hot outfit

She may have shed some pounds, but she hasn’t lost those legendary hips! Kim looking smokin’ in that attire

New York was the location for the TIME 100 charity event, which Kim Kardashian attended. The reality TV personality achieved a sophisticated look by choosing not to wear undergarments.
The former wife of Kanye West took herself very seriously:

She underwent a significant weight loss that has allowed her to maintain the result. Due to the fact that the rapper was the one who objected to Kim being too naked, the photographs of the TV personality got even more seductive and daring after the divorce.

At the gala held in New York, which celebrated the 100 people with the most influence in the world in 2023, Kim was one of the honorees. This time around, the celebrity appeared in a skintight dress.

The telediva chose to highlight the hourglass shape of her body by dressing in a light-colored silk outfit. This peculiar scenario was especially evident from certain vantage points, as Kardashian had declined to accept a sconce.

Kim accessorized the look with an extravagant diamond necklace and a “pearl” clutch that she kept with her at all times. The hairstylists let the mother of several children wear her hair in a natural state.

in addition, the makeup experts gave her the classic bright nighttime look that she requested. The law school student smiled broadly for the photographers and turned around to display her appearance from different angles.

The performance that Kim gave was well received by her fans. “It has even become hotter!”, “I absolutely like this Kim”, “Daring, but not vulgar, excellent!”, “Beautiful dress. And while being small is still attractive on everyone, despite the fact that her famed hips haven’t left her side, “they wrote on the web.

Kim Kardashian made a recent appearance wearing a daring bikini that was turquoise in color. With this raunchy photo shoot, the reality TV star solicited compliments from the male audience.

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