I didn’t take off my clothes! Salma in a dеfiant pose starred with halfnаked Channing Tatum

I didn’t even bother to take them off! Channing Tatum appeared in a half-naked state while Salma posed defiantly alongside him.

The Mexican-American actress offered her film collaborator a creative method to accept her congratulations. Salma Hayek has made public a photo of Channing Tatum in his naked state.
The actor recently marked his 43rd birthday with a celebration.

In observance of the occasion, Salma shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the film Magic Mike: The Last Dance, in which she starred as Channing’s lover. The partners are seen here in the changing room at the precise moment when they were flexing their muscles to one another in an effort to demonstrate their superior physical condition.

Hayek was seen wearing a khaki sleeveless T-shirt, sandy cargo pants, and comfy shoes without heels when she made her appearance. The lead actor in the movie “House of Gucci” displayed muscular hands on screen. Tatum posed for the photo wearing nothing but his undies.

The wife of Francois-Henri Pinault, who is worth a billion dollars, did not hide the fact that she was struck by the actor’s beautiful six-pack abs and powerful arms. Salma laughed and said, “Those of us who didn’t train daily didn’t take off our clothes,” referring to the rest of the group. The famous person also extended her birthday greetings to her partner in Spanish.

The saucy shot is being hotly debated by viewers who are fans of the stars. “Does your husband know?”, “You look wonderful together”, “Tatum is very seductive”, “Salma should have the same attire”, and “Salma, don’t be modest! The users said that you had “a great figure” and that “you have lost weight.”

The recipient of the Golden Globe was present at the gala concert for the TIME 100. The event was held in New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Salma made a great image. Hayek gave her hair more volume and focused her makeup application on her eyes while she did her makeup.

The celebrity was seen wearing dangling earrings with sparkling stones that were quite long. The actress was seen in a garment made of satin that was embroidered with lace. A transparent black train was a standout element of the ensemble.

A captivating video that Salma had taken prior to attending the occasion was revealed by her. The celebrity mother teased herself by twirling seductively in front of the mirror as she admired the graceful movement of the train on her dress.

Salma gives herself permission to relax and eat the stuff she shouldn’t. After the Academy Awards, the actress ate a piece of meat while unzipping her expensive couture dress in order to satisfy her hunger.

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