Heidi posts a hot tоpless biкini pic while on a tropical vacation

While Heidi is on her vacation in the tropics, she publishes a steamy photo of herself in a bikini without a top.

The Hot Girl Summer of 2022 has not arrived just yet.

Heidi Klum is enjoying herself to the utmost while she is on vacation in a tropical locale, but she still manages to find the time to post some lovely bikini images to Instagram.

A few days ago, the supermodel uploaded a picture of herself to her Instagram account wearing nothing but a white bikini bottom. She posed alluringly against a railing while exuding a gorgeous glow, with the backdrop of the ocean and distant palm trees, and with her head thrown over her shoulder to partially obscure her face. The setting was absolutely stunning.

The judge from America’s Got Talent also shared a video of herself lounging in the sun while wearing an ombré bikini in various colours of orange and pink.

“Monday,” she wrote as the caption for the photo.

On multiple occasions in the past, Klum has posted sexually suggestive and intimate photos to her social media profiles.

The fashion model just recently shared on social media an elegant black and white snapshot of herself sitting on a bed with her arm draped across her chest.

She captioned the picture in a somewhat direct manner with the phrase “Baby, come back to bed.”

Earlier in the month, Klum also published a photograph of herself wearing only the bottom of a bikini. In this picture, she is shown posing in a red bottom while facing a window that is framed by gorgeous mountains and trees.

When she was younger, she used to write, “Boy, it’s H*T.”

It should come as no surprise that Klum can strike a pose whether she is dressed or not. She took a flight to Italy in July to be there when her daughter Leni, who was 18 at the time, walked the catwalk for the Alta collection that Dolce & Gabbana had created.

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