Demi says goodbye to summer wearing the white crochet biкini

The perfect white crochet bikini is what Demi wears as she bids farewell to summer.

The waning days of summer are being savored to the fullest by Demi Moore.

Yesterday, the Ghost actress shared photos from her recent vacation in Greece on Instagram. In the photos, she can be seen lounging by the water while wearing a bikini.

In one of the photos, she is looking absolutely lovely in a white crochet two-piece that she designed in partnership with Andie Swim. The set consists of halter-style halter straps that are attached to a bandeau-style top that has matching shorts with a gorgeous ruffle finish. She completes the look with a classic accessory: a pair of black sunglasses.

In a another photograph, Moore can be seen lounging in the sun while wearing a sultry black triangle bikini and black sunglasses.

She captioned the shot with the phrase “enjoying the last few days of summer.”

In an interview that she gave to People in July, Moore was candid about the partnership that she had with the bikini company.

She stated to the journal that “thinking about the things that women feel sensitive about, whether it’s their tummy or other areas of the body,” was “for me, a big part of what was inspiring about this Andie collection.”

They don’t want to come off as sexless, yet they don’t want to feel unattractive either. That completely shifted my perception of the idea that as we get older, our appearance naturally becomes less appealing.

She also mentioned that vintage swimsuits served as a source of creativity for her.

In her own words, “I started thinking about how suits with barely any cloth were all the rage over the past few years, and how much I loved the kind of elegance and glamour that, in my perception, was associated with those kinds of suits,”

“I was really inspired by some of these vintage suits and the imagery that came with them, as well as how it was possible to feel sexy, empowered, and comfortable without having to show a lot of skin,” she added. The following questions need to be asked:

How can we convince a woman to wear an item that not only complements her sense of style but also provides her with a sense of safety and self-assurance while allowing her to keep up her sense of fashion? That was the goal that we had in mind.

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