Accent on color! Emily put on a bright look and admired her shapes

Put the emphasis on color! Emily had a cheery face and appreciated her own shapes as she stood in the mirror.

Emily Ratajkowski has always been recognizable by her one-of-a-kind sense of style, which a great number of us continue to want to emulate. This time, the model chose to appear in a fashionable and cozy sweatshirt, which is an item that you will most certainly want to wear during the springtime.

Emily made the fashion-forward choice to wear a hoodie with a yellow design and teamed it with black pants. The famous person decided to round off her ensemble by carrying a small red handbag, wearing large black sunglasses, and wearing headphones. To tell you the truth, the combination ended up being quite peculiar; make sure you remember to make a note of it!

Emily went for a chic look by donning a black sweatshirt with a yellow pattern and dark wash trousers. The well-known celebrity chose to accessorize her getup with a set of headphones, a sizeable pair of black sunglasses, and a small red handbag. Remember to be on the lookout for that combination because it was so unique in the first place!

Remember, it was revealed that Emily ended her marriage to her husband after discovering the several affairs he had been having during the previous summer. After dating for three months, the model and Sebastian Behr-McClard tied the knot in February 2018, making their romance official.

After spending several happy years in each other’s company, the couple finally welcomed a new member into their family in 2021 in the form of a son whom they named after themselves. It has been reported that she is currently seeing Harry Styles. They were captured on camera making out not too long ago.

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