Photos of Helen, 77, enjoying the sun in a black swimsսit in Mexico

Photographs of Helen, 77, basking in the sun in Mexico in a black swimsuit

The well-known actress with silver hair seemed like she was having a blast on her sunny vacation in Mexico!

Fun time! Helen Mirren was photographed on Sunday, April 23, unwinding on the beach in Los Cabos while on a luxury holiday! Pictures of the 77-year-old Shazam! are available here, courtesy of Page Six.

The Fury of the Gods actress wore a classic black one-piece swimsuit with a lace up pattern as she relaxed on a recliner on the white dunes. She swept her well-known silver hair to one side and covered it with a simple braid.

She was wearing a pair of stylish reading glasses, enjoying the day, and at one point even checking her smartphone. The Winchester actor was also seen talking to a white-clad resort worker.

The Red actress is undoubtedly a beauty icon, but she freely acknowledges that she has second thoughts about emphasizing appearance too much. When she learned that she would appear on the cover of PEOPLE’s Beautiful issue in 2022, she remarked,

“Let me be clear: I like beauty and enjoy observing beautiful things. But I don’t like the word “beauty” because it’s associated with the beauty industry. Because I think makeup, skincare, and all the other things exclude the large majority of us who are not gorgeous.

She continued by highlighting other, equally important human traits while acknowledging the importance of physical appearance.

It is a great delight to observe the incredibly lovely people in the world, whether they are male or female. She told the publication that attractive people are a wonder to behold. However, the majority of us lack attractiveness.

We also have other things that are just as powerful as beauty. And I want us to recognize those accomplishments. I love the word “swagger” because it makes me feel confident, extroverted, and appreciative of my surroundings.

I think the “swagger industry” should be used instead of the term “beauty industry.” From us, people are picking up swagger.

The gorgeous actress has been as a spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris since 2014.

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