I sеduced the man on the kitchen table! Jenn forbade her husband to watch her еxplicit scenes

The man was seduced by me at the kitchen table! Jenn banned her spouse from viewing any of her explicit scenes.

The well-known artist has received an ultimatum from Jennifer Lopez. Marc Anthony, an actress who is married to her, forbade her from seeing her hot shoots.
The singer of On the Floor banned her ex-husband Marc Anthony from attending the Plan B movie shoot.

In a disclosing scene, Jennifer was slated to appear alongside Alex O’Loughlin. The movie was produced in 2010.

In her portrayal of a lady who undergoes artificial insemination and meets her true love the following day, Lopez. J-Lo and O’Laughlin shared several intimate encounters in the romantic comedy, none of which she wanted to show her husband.

I had no intention of harming the poor man. He has no business watching me flirt with another man at the kitchen table. Personally, I find it uncomfortable to perform love scenes, so I never do them,” the 53-year-old actress said.

Jennifer had been a mother for two years at the time, so she related to the heroine’s portrayal. She had a son named Max and a daughter named Emmy from Mark. The actress didn’t feel particularly uncomfortable showing her body on TV. She was happy with her post-pregnancy body.

After seven years of marriage, Lopez and Anthony split in 2011. According to Lopez, their relationship started out passionate and intense. According to the Daily Star, the actress acknowledged that Anthony supported her after splitting from Ben Affleck, who she dated from mid-2002 until 2004.

The dancer and Affleck are now a happily married couple. After getting back together in 2021, they were married that summer. Couples spend their free time together, attend events together, and offer support to one another. Ben acknowledged that he enjoyed swimming naked with Jennifer in the pool.

Affleck also disclosed the actress’s weight-loss secret. He claims that Lopez doesn’t follow a diet and indulges in his favorite foods. Ben claimed that the singer maintains her physical fitness through hard work in athletics.

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