I didn’t take off my clothes! Salma in a dеfiant pose starred with halfnаked Channing Tatum

I did not remove my clothing! With a naked Channing Tatum in the lead role, Salma struck a defiant attitude.

The Mexican-American actress gave the movie co-star some creative congratulations. Channing Tatum’s naked picture has been made public by Salma Hayek.
The performer turned 43 years old.

Salma shared a unique photo from the set of Magic Mike: The Last Dance, in which she portrayed Channing’s lover, in observance of the festival. The couples were photographed in the changing room as they were flexing their muscles to display their physical prowess to one another.

Hayek showed up wearing a khaki sleeveless T-shirt, sandy cargo pants, and casual flats. The “House of Gucci” star displayed pumped-up fists. Tatum merely wore underpants for the photo.

The wife of millionaire Francois-Henri Pinault was open about her admiration for the actor’s toned arms and flawless six-pack. Salma jokingly said, “Those of us who didn’t train daily didn’t take off our clothing. The actress also expressed her partner’s birthday greetings in Spanish.

The hot shot is being passionately debated by the stars’ fans. Salma should wear the same attire as Tatum, “Does your husband know?” and “Salma, don’t be modest! You have shed weight,” they commented. “You have a fantastic figure.”

The TIME 100 gala concert was attended by the Golden Globe winner. The event was held in New York City’s Lincoln Center. Salma created a stunning photograph. Hayek emphasized her eyes in her makeup while giving her hair more volume.

The celebrity wore long earrings that dangled and sparkled. The actress was dressed in a satin gown with lace embroidery. A transparent black train was a standout feature of the ensemble.

Salma revealed a captivating video that was shot before to attending the event. The actress’s mother coquettishly danced in front of the mirror as she admired the way her dress’ train flittered.

Hayek recently vacationed at a sweltering resort. In a beach photo shoot, the actress displayed her lean, bronzed physique.
Salma permits herself to unwind and indulge in taboo cuisine. The actress took a bite of meat after the Oscars while unzipping her high couture gown.

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