Britney in an emotional post f*cked those who didn’t satisfied with her dances in the living room

Britney fucked people who weren’t satisfied with her living room dances in an impassioned post.

All of the artist’s thoughts throughout this period were conveyed.

Britney Spears, the American singer who lost in court in early July and was still under her father’s care, could not take it.

The Instagram artist responded to individuals who criticized her for strangely dancing in the living room in a lengthy, emotional post. Britney announced that she would stop performing on stage as long as her father was still her legal guardian.

“To those of you who feel the need to critique my vids. Look, I won’t be performing on any stages anytime soon while my father makes decisions about what to wear, say, do, or think. For the past 13 years, I have been doing this.

Instead of sharing video from the stage in Vegas, when some attendees were so far away that they could not even shake my hand, I would like to do so from my living room. So I became addicted to the grass, Spears claimed.

The musician also voiced resentment at her sister Jamie receiving an award at the music ceremony in place of her.

And I won’t be able to remix my songs or convince my new music to be featured in my show for my fans for a very long time. Nor will I put on heavy makeup and try to try again on stage.

I’m leaving now. I don’t like that my sister sang my songs with remixes at an awards ceremony! My supposedly supportive network struck me hard. My dreams were killed by this conservatism. So all I have is hope, which is the only thing in this world that is incredibly difficult to kill, though people still try to do so. Britney remarked.

Spears sent three letters to the people who are attempting to crush her ambitions.

“I still have faith for a fairy tale for those women who remark that this is all extremely bizarre! Screw you. Like I said, all I have right now is hope. You’re fortunate, I thought. Unsubscribe if you don’t like what I post.

People attempt to destroy hope because it is one of the weakest and most fragile things.Reading your motherf*cking fairy tale is on my agenda.PS: If you don’t want to watch how my sweet ass dances in my living room, or if it doesn’t live up to your expectations… go f*cking read a book!” Lauren gave advice.

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