Ashley’s lavender swimsսit can be called the best this season! And that’s why

The best swim this season can be attributed to Ashley’s purple swims! That is why.

Can you sum up Ashley Graham in a sentence? Recently, she has been going through “such” a moment. Including flying from city to city during fashion month, appearing topless on the cover of a significant fashion publication, and walking the Oscars catwalk (while dealing with a horribly awkward Hugh Grant interview). She is the main character, after all.

Additionally, she has been giving us a ton of fashion ideas all along. You need a review, right? a totally see-through skirt and cuts in a black Alberta Ferretti dress.

Chloe’s skin-tight leather dress, Moschino’s cutlery dress, a mini with a Union Jack bag, and more have all been spotted.

In a nutshell, we might say that we have a slight addiction. She’s back at it again with a stunning dusky lavender bikini that exudes a clean female attitude while remaining simple and wearable. A french manicure, several gold earrings, and loose beachy hair (where’s the salt spray?) completed the look.

In order to sell a new St. Tropez body oil, she published the costume inspired by a summer vacation on Instagram. The photos—there is an entire carousel of them—have received over 130,000 likes, as well as comments like “She a baddie she know she a 10 ” and other fire emojis.

She is wearing a bikini made by Knix, a company that specialized in eco-friendly, modern products in a variety of colors that prioritize comfort, such as anti-chafing shorts and leak-proof knickers.

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