Young favorite Gerard cheated on him with his close friend

Child favorite He caught Gerard infidelity with a close acquaintance.

The Spanish footballer is going through a personal drama once more. Clara Chia Marti was charged with adultery by Gerard Pique.

Shakira, a former lover, found himself suddenly in her position. The 36-year-old athlete’s new partner had an unreported affair with one of his close pals. Josep Guardiola’s coach, Clara Chia Marti, is alleged to have had an affair with her.

At the Barcelona club, the sportsmen grew close, and Gerard was helped by a mentor to win numerous important championships. Pique and the former coach are still close friends. Clara and Josep are close.

The children of the former Barcelona coach’s coach attended the same school as the football player’s lover.

Today it was revealed that Chia had lately relocated to her parents’ home from Piqué. It was discovered that Clara is attempting to get even with the football player by having an affair.

According to the portal barcauniversal, which cited the Spanish edition of SPORT, the girl did not enjoy Gerard’s covert liaisons with a young lawyer named Giulia Puig.

Ironically, it was betrayals that led to the breakdown of Gerard and Shakira’s relationship. The singer of the famous song Loca learned of the football player’s romance with Clara Chia Marti.

Even after the break with the singer, Pique remained by her side. The athlete’s parents agreed with his decision.

In recent comments, Gerard was critical of Shakira and her supporters. The Latin Americans who wrote him harsh comments in response to the discovery of infidelity, the father of two, complained.

Pique, a former favorite, has already developed a personal life. American man and Shakira are dating. Four months into their relationship, the singer recently relocated the kids to Miami in order to be near her preferred partner.

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