Jenn can’t give up old habits and shoots tоpless

Jenn shoots topless because she can’t break old behaviors.

Jennifer Lopez, 53, never fails to astound! Recently, the celebrity appeared in a fresh ad campaign for her company JLo Beauty, and her images wowed viewers figuratively.

Lopez made the decision to only wear one pair of underpants in order to promote the items of her cosmetics line. She essentially directly demonstrated miracle body balms to the fans. After such direct and excellent shots, it is difficult to believe in the inefficiency of these money.

The singer claimed in an interview with People that her mother, who was constantly concerned about cellulite, served as her inspiration for making cosmetics. “I recall how she wished there was a secret potion that would simply make it vanish.

However, we are aware that there is no such formula, as the article stated.

Remember that Lopez is currently wed to Ben Affleck. After a romantic getaway to Montana in the spring of 2021, rumors about the couple’s reconciliation surfaced.

After spending a lot of time together at her birthday celebration, J. Lo posted a picture of the couple together on social media to declare their newfound romance. The couple wed in the summer of 2022.

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