Britney danced a hot dance in a snake costume

Britney performed a sexy dance while dressed as a snake.

The singer’s improvisation terrified the audience.

Longtime followers have been alarmed by Britney Spears’ actions on Instagram. Strange lyrics are written by the vocalist, who also never performs live and ignores fan feedback. Additionally, the pop scene’s biggest star has been caught on camera acting like a toddler on occasion.

Fans of Spears started the internet #FreeBritney campaign while back. Then, the followers proposed that the celebrity reside in jail like genuine princess. Remember that Britney has been completely under her father James Parell Spears’ instruction since 2008? who in turn has complete control over his daughter’s life and multi-million dollar assets. Britney Spears, 39, is therefore required to follow the curfew and strictly disclose to her father all of her appointments and engagements.

Even the singer needs James’ blessing before getting married. Due to this, Britney Spears spends lot of time at home (this is evident in both her images and videos), and in order to keep herself amused.

The pop diva does explosive dancing in the form of a snake in numerous films while wearing clothes that are 15 years old.

Screenshots from a video in which the pop singer dances while wearing a tight green snakeskin suit were released on her Instagram account by the singer (an extreme group that is outlawed in Russia). The image of Britney turned out to be so bizarre that the star’s devoted followers chose to voice their disapproval of the new look.

Are you okay? “What’s going on?” “This looks very strange,” “Is that really Britney?” Members penned.

Many people believe that the celebrity exists in a bubble where she is oblivious to others’ opinions.

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