A strange holiday after the cancellation of the wedding! Megan and her fiancé in Hawaii were filmed by the paparazzi

Following the wedding’s cancellation, Megan and her fiance were photographed by paparazzi while on vacation in Hawaii.

The 32-year-old artist and the 36-year-old actress called off their nuptials. After a fight, Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) and Megan Fox (Megan Fox) picked up where they left off.

A flashy Hollywood couple is valiantly defending their union. Insiders claimed that the couple took a “break” after a fight, and the artists started going to psychotherapy classes as a result. Additionally, they were detained the day before while enjoying a joint holiday in Hawaii.

Meghan went for a laid-back holiday outfit, donning a slim black leggings and an olive green cropped bustier top. The actor’s thin figure was highlighted by the clothing. The actress’ newly dyed flaming red hair was swept back, and her makeup was subtle.

In a pink jersey, white basketball shorts, and canvas shoes, MGK appeared quite laid-back. A Hawaiian necklace comprised of big beads and shells suited his appearance.

Despite being one step closer to reconciliation, Meghan and Coulson seemed a little uneasy as they ate at the hotel’s restaurant. They stayed in the place for almost an hour before leaving to have a quiet beach walk.

According to recent reports, the actress and musician have postponed their wedding to focus on their relationship’s issues. “They require a substantial innovation.

While on break, Megan and MGK are still in touch. Everything in their relationship is either hot or cold, the insider claimed.

In January of the previous year, the pair made their engagement public. Fox did, however, make hints about splitting up with her lover in February, and by March their relationship was still on the edge of disintegrating.


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