Vanessa swam in a string biкini in the Philippines: photos

In the Philippines, Vanessa swam in a string bikini: pictures

Vanessa looked as lovely as the surroundings of her “paradise” vacation while donning a snakeskin swimsuit.

Vanessa Hudgens showed that it is possible to work and play hard. The actress, 34, traveled to the stunning islands of the Philippines to unwind and rejuvenate after her tenure as host of the “Countdown to the Oscars” broadcast.

On March 29, Vanessa posted a lovely photo album from her trip to the Pangulasian Island Resort on Instagram. While there, she swam in clean seas while wearing a stunning snakeskin bikini!

In the holiday pictures, which also included a handful of her friends, Vanessa, who was sporting a tiny swimsuit, was grinning from ear to ear.

She was being carried in the water by a buddy when she suddenly kicked up her legs. As the film panned around the cove and was taken from a translucent plastic canoe, viewers got a closer view of the breathtaking surroundings towards the end of the carousel.

Vanessa captioned it, “Heaven #foreverPhilippines.”
It was a big cry from the extravagant outfit that Vanessa donned to host the Academy Awards in 2023 for her barely-there swimsuits.

The former High School Musical star paired her black and white Chanel gown with diamond earrings, a matching choker, and stunningly painted nails on the red carpet.

When Vanessa co-hosted the pre-Oscars presentation last year, she shone in a black sequin Michael Kors gown, and her stylist, Jason Bolden, remarked on the star’s sense of style at the time.

According to him, Vanessa always makes reference to 1990s red carpet attire, according to People. “A cool and easy manner on the red carpet.”

When Vanessa appeared at the 2023 Oscars, it was an intriguing time in her career because she had just become engaged to professional baseball player Cole Tucker and one of her ex-boyfriends, Austin Butler, was the Oscars’ red carpet king with his Best Actor nomination for Elvis.

After ending her relationship with Austin in 2019 after nine years of dating, Vanessa started dating the top athlete for the Colorado Rockies.

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