Shakira’s sсаndal with her ex-husband’s mother ended in a fight

A quarrel resulted from Shakira’s controversy with her ex-mother. husband’s

Although it appears that the Colombian singer and the Spanish football player’s relationship has already been publicly clarified, there are still a few details about their high-profile split that occasionally surface online.

Fans dug unearthed an old video showing Montserrat Bernabeu, Gerard’s mother, acting, to put it mildly, rudely toward her daughter-in-law in the heat of the crisis.

The fans pondered whether the two women’s fiery southern temperaments or Shakira’s mother-in-lack law’s of involvement could account for this, as there was no apparent explanation for it.

Evidently, Montserrat has always had a repulsive attitude toward the singer. According to El Popular, it comes out that the mother-in-law was aware of her son’s exploits and even helped set up their meeting in Spain.

Shakira was sobbing on her mother-in-shoulder law’s at the same time. According to the publication, this gave her a very sick feeling. Naturally, tensions between relatives grew and eventually broke out in a brawl.

A frequent visitor to the Piqué family’s home who is close to the Piqués claimed to have overheard a serious conversation in which Montserrat Bernabeu struck Shakira in the face in front of Gerard and her kids.

According to the informant, Shakira did not hold back and also hit her mother-in-law.

It is now obvious why Shakira is still unable to relax. After a betrayal of this scale, people have used record-breaking slander, death wishes on ex-spouses, high-profile parties, and witch effigies as means of venting their anger.

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