Megan’s skirt is too tight on her hips! Amazing spectacle

On Megan’s hips, her skirt is uncomfortably tight. amazing display

The actress blatantly exaggerated how thin she was.

Colson Baker, a rapper known as Machine Gun Kelly, has been Megan Fox’s boyfriend for more than four months.

The pair first kept their relationship a secret, but they no longer feel the need to do so. They openly profess their love for one another on social media, frequently go out together, and unapologetically embrace and kiss in public.

The other day, Megan and Coulson were caught on camera going on another date. Yet Fox’s appearance dismayed her supporters. This time, the attractive actress was scarcely a style icon:

The girl wore a fitted leopard-print skirt and a black knit pullover. The smaller incision was stretched so thinly that it appeared as though the skirt was only starting to diverge at the seam when the latter physically cracked on the hips of the star.

The skirt proved to be at least a few sizes too small for the actress based on how the leopard spots altered from their initial design.

By the way, the critics once more did not miss the fact that Fox virtually looks like her boyfriend’s mother, in part due to the ineffective and pointless dress and partially due to the multiple plastic surgeries.

Despite the fact that Megan is 34 and Coulson is 30, their age difference is not at all significant.

The most important thing is that Baker is devoted to his partner and never tires of showing it by sending flowers, presents, and making passionate declarations to her.

If you recall, Baker and Fox first connected while working on the set of the film Midnight in the Cereal Field. Eventually, the actress acknowledged that she had a first-sight love affair with Coulson.

In an interview, she commented, “I suppose we are actually two parts of the same soul.” Both parties felt really strongly. The musician claimed that he waited for Megan for a very long time.

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