Mariah staged a water-style party with a beautiful swimsuit

Mariah hosted a party in the shape of a boat with a lovely swim-it.

Mariah Carey recently celebrated her 54th birthday (or “anniversary”) in the most Mariah Carey manner imaginable: with a lavish trip where she lounged around in the sea while donning a neon green bikini and wet suit.

Naturally, they also made a “celebratory splash” by jumping off the boat.

In addition, The Elusive Chanteuse received a lot of support from her audience on what she named “International Lamb Day,” which she commemorated by saying, “I’m sitting here watching videos and reading comments.

The lambs have always been and will always be UNPARALLELED, and I think I’m crying with happiness as I sit alone on the stairs. ‘Please remember it,’ I said.

I want to retweet, like, and comment on every single one of your tweets, she continued. In a positive way, it’s thrilling.

When asked what the “anniversary” thing was all about, Mariah responded, “I don’t have birthdays.” No, all I have are anniversaries. That is what I choose to do. And I’ve noticed that those who object to having birthdays don’t actually have any.

Together with her daughters Moroccan and Monroe, Mariah traveled with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, who surprised her with a romantic Instagram post that read, “One of my fave photos. Ever. My darling Queen, happy anniversary.

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