Dream dress! Emma proves she has impeccable taste

Dream outfit Emma demonstrates her exquisite taste.

Emma had two extra outfits prepared in addition to the black gown she wore to Elton John’s watch party for the Oscars.

Last night, Emma Watson attended an Oscars ceremony for the first time in five years. The actress wore three costumes. Watson made public the princess-style Fendi lace gown she had worn to an additional occasion.

After being pictured at Elton John’s Oscars viewing party wearing a silky black gown, Pasquale Bruni jewelry was worn.

She also shared a photo of herself wearing a different outfit, this time a strapless black dress designed by Christopher Esber.

The lace outfit, however, was by far the most well-liked thing on Watson’s Instagram Stories. It is a work of art, and for good reason:

She appeared like this at Elton John’s party. Three viewings in one evening. One of the few celebrities, Rihanna, changed her attire four times for Beyoncé’s Oscars after-party.

Watson has kept a quiet profile, with the Oscars marking her longest stretch of public visibility. With regard to her forthcoming 30th birthday in December 2019, Watson did spoke candidly to British Vogue. She’s 32 years old now.

She questioned why everyone makes such a big deal about turning 30 when she was in her late 20s.

This is not a major issue. Around the age of 29, I think, “Oh my Goodness, I feel so pressured and anxious.” And I understand why: there has been a huge uptick in subliminal advertising. If you don’t have a husband or a house built,

if you’re 30 years old, not married, and in some sort of precarious professional situation, or if you’re still figuring things out, There’s just so much anxiousness, it’s unbelievable.

She continued by saying that even though she was casually dating, she was happy to remain alone. She said, “I never got into the entire ‘I’m happy single’ pitch.

“This is all nonsense,” I thought. Though it took some time, I’m now glad to be single. I refer to it as self-partnering.

Watson opted not to pose with a date during her Friday night’s Oscar performances. She was said to be dating Sir Philip Green’s son, fashion billionaire Brandon Green, in August.

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