At least cover up! Kendall poses for the camera in her most rеvеаling image without uոdеrwеаr

A minimum of conceal! In her most revealing outfit and without any jewelry, Kendall smiles for the camera.

The rumors of breast plastic surgery won’t elicit a response from the fashion model.

When it comes to candid photography and quite sassy attire, Kendall Jenner is equal to her sisters. Online fans have recently been discussing the rumors that the model just underwent breast plastic surgery more and more.

She is not in a rush to confirm or refute the theories put forth by Internet users, instead choosing to capitalize on the interest in her to promote the partnership with FRWD.

Thus, Kendall just posted a number of incredibly provocative images on her blog. In the image, the famous person is seen wearing an elongated white T-shirt that resembles a very short dress.

Fans could virtually see every aspect of the celebrity’s bust thanks to the transparent costume, which made it very impossible to conceal it.

Black patent leather boots that reached practically the knee completed the star’s ensemble. Simple hairstyles and cosmetics finished the outfit. Such pictures could not, of course, go ignored.

And while some Internet users were debating Kendall’s gorgeous physique and struggling to agree on breast plastic surgery, others started showering the celebrity with accolades.

“Icon,” “Outstanding,” and “Is being so sexy even legal?”

, Kendall posts these kinds of pictures a lot less frequently than Kim or Kylie, which is fascinating. Yet they always have a far more significant impact,”

It doesn’t really matter to me whether she had breast augmentation or not. What does it matter what a person does with his body? Kendall looks really stunning in these photos. – as shown in the comments left by online users.

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