Nicole, shame on you. The star makes a drunken brawl at the main award of the year

Nicole, I’m sorry. The celebrity gets into a fight while intoxicated at the year’s top honor.

Fans claim that the actress acted pretentiously and stupidly on the red carpet.

Social media users are debating Nicole Kidman’s actions on the Oscars red carpet.

According to the followers, the actress acted pretentiously and posed stupidly for pictures. Many people across the enormous network have hypothesized that the celebrity drank alcohol before to going public.

Is Nicole Kidman intoxicated already?

Jennifer Aniston, You being inebriated on the red carpet is irrelevant to me. Users comment that this is how the queen acts.

Kidman made an appearance at the Oscars with her husband Keith Urban. Without holding back, they locked lips passionately in front of the cameras of the paparazzi.

As if nothing had happened, Keith clutched his wife in the most sensual spots, and when she posed for photos apart from him, he gave her an admiring and reverent expression.

Top Gun Maverick was nominated for six awards this year, including Best Picture, but Nicole’s ex-husband Tom Cruise chose to skip the ceremony.

As a result, the wonderful comedy “Everything, Everywhere and At Once” starring Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert stole the statuette. Cruise’s refusal to confront Kidman was the cause of his absence.

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