In one towel: only Ben sees Jenn in such a frank look

Only Ben can witness Jenn in one towel with such an honest expression.

In front of the camera, the star flaunted himself in the restroom.

Intriguing photos from Jennifer Lopez’s posh property were posted without a stitch of makeup or a stitch of clothing. The performer abruptly revealed to the audience what is typically kept private from prying eyes.

The Hollywood diva, 53, just emerged from the shower. She draped white towels around her head and torso. The Latina removed her makeup and presented herself to the crowd with slit eyes and flawless skin.

Also, Ben Affleck’s wife did not have time to get dressed.

Nonetheless, she displayed flawless chocolate-colored skin in the décolleté and exposed shoulders beyond her age for a public trial. The “Wedding Planner” star herself extols the virtues of her youthful appearance in a social media video.

Fans are never tired of marveling at Jennifer Lopez. The singer performed something on the phone’s camera that genuinely acted out peoples’ fantasies.

In a video that she shared to her own page on the social media platform, Ben Affleck’s wife could be seen driving and eating lollipops, but she did so extremely playfully: she twisted them in her mouth, stroked her lips, and then gave viewers a tender kiss. The fans of the artist were ecstatic from what they could see.

Internet users could not stop gushing over “this smile,” “you are a passion,” “My Goddess,” “Beautiful,” “you are really cute,” and “sexy smile.”

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