Emily showed a look that we will repeat more than once

Emily gave us a look that we’ll use several times.

Finally, the photographers captured Emily Ratajkowski by herself (after the divorce, she was often filmed in the company of men, but more on that later). In the recent online video, the model appeared frightened.

Emily wore a cropped denim jacket and low-waisted pants for her outing. She complemented the appearance with a belt-mounted bag and a pair of vivid yellow sneakers. See pictures here.

As a reminder, Emily Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Beer-McClard split up last summer. Rumors that the producer’s adultery was the reason for the divorce quickly spread via the media.

The model went through a breakup for a while before starting a string of short-lived relationships.

After that, she was said to have an affair with Brad Pitt, and she dated Pete Davidson and comedian Eric Andre for a while (a month).

This winter, rumors regarding the model’s previous relationship with him first surfaced. The couple was filmed while out for a stroll in New York, and that was when it all began.

Fans initially believed that there was nothing serious going on between the celebrities, but soon after, they went on a romantic vacation to the Caribbean as a couple, she already appeared to have broken up with him.

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