You definitely won’t recognize Salma in this photo! These tricks are hard to do

Salma in this picture is definitely not who you think she is! These maneuvers are challenging.

This week, Salma Hayek posted a startling childhood snapshot that shocked her audience.

In a selfie she shared on Instagram, the actress appeared unrecognisable as she displayed an astonishing dance.

A girl in a leotard named Salma was doing the splits and leaping into the air. She appeared to be around ten years old.

She had short dark hair and seemed to be concentrating hard on the gymnastics move.
In celebration of International Women’s Day, Salma shared it with the touching caption:

“Let’s challenge ourselves to think about the women we were and the women we are now on this International Women’s Day.

Write to her about how far you’ve gone and how proud she will be of herself now, and post a photo of your younger self on your bathroom mirror or print one off and paste it there.

Let’s take advantage of this chance to support and strengthen one another. #InternationalWomensDay2023, #ChimeforChange, and #IWD2023.

Fans commented “Wow,” “I could never guess you could do that,” and “Can you execute the same move today?”

Valentina, Salma’s own daughter, is now 15 years old and resembles her well-known mother to the letter. The young woman revealed a startling new style when she went to Milan Fashion Week with Salma.

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