Sharon Stone gives an intimаte glimpse into her bedroom, revealing details that no one expected

Sharon Stone offers a private look into her bedroom and divulges information nobody anticipated.

With the release of new images marking Sharon Stone’s 65th birthday, her Instagram fans were given a rare glimpse inside her Hollywood Hills residence.

The actress, who turned 40 on March 10, posted a number of pictures of herself on social media wearing black printed silk pajamas, carrying a number of balloons that read “Happy Birthday,” and sporting wax candy lips that resembled an exaggerated pout.

Viewers were drawn to Sharon’s house not just for her “Hollywood” lips but also for the distinctive interior design.

Sharon’s bookcases can be seen in the pictures, along with a doll figure perched on the edge of them, as well as other ornaments and art prints.

The image also features Sharon seated on a large chair with a wooden back next to a modern stack of shelves with tiers that holds her ornament collection.

In the description of her Instagram image, Sharon stated: “I finished it. Finally. to commemorate my birthday. I traveled to Hollywood. Not everything you ask for will always be granted. I’m grateful, Liz.

As soon as they saw the funny post, fans and friends hurried to the comments area to express their opinions. Wax your lips, a follower remarked. I can still taste the cherry. Another person chimed in, saying “Happy birthday! Because of this, we adore you.

Roan (age 22), Laird (17), and Quinn, her three adoptive boys, reside with Sharon in Hollywood (16).

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