Selena in this bikiոi proved that you need to love your flaws

Selena in this biography demonstrated the importance of accepting your shortcomings.

Selena Gomez gave her TikTok fans some advise on how to enjoy the final few days of summer, even though we’re already considering Halloween costumes and back-to-school shopping.

The singer (whose name almost wasn’t Selena) appeared in her most recent TikTok video, with the fittingly captioned “Vaca self,” and looked lovely as she lounged on a boat in a swimsuit.

The iconic TashaKLive audio opens with an off-camera voice stating, “suck it in,” and the singer lip-synced to it. Selena concurred with Tasha’s statement and said,

“I’m not sucking in crap,” you say. Okay, real stomachs are on their way back. Please maintain this enthusiasm for the remainder of the summer!

Many Selena admirers expressed their love and support for the singer’s body-positive message in the comments section of the video.

One ecstatic TikTok member commented, “You’re probably the best role model honestly, ily selena,” while another added, “she’s the reason I’m so comfortable in my own skin.” The comment section’s overall sentiment can be summarized in one single response:

THEN YOU TELL EMMMM, MISS GOMEZ.” Jenny Han, known for her works The Summer I Became Beautiful and To All the Guys I’ve Loved Before, joined in with a short “ily.”

As if her bold statement wasn’t enough of a slay, Selena also provided some A+ swimsuit inspiration with her lovely blue one-piece suit.

The singer was wearing the Gracie One Piece from her collaboration with Theresa Mingus’ swimwear brand La’Mariette, which was started by her friend and former personal assistant.

Sadly, the line is nearly completely (!) sold out, but we were able to track down a few pieces with a similar funky vibe to let you rock your confidence Selena-style throughout the remainder of the summer.

The laid-back boat vibes come from Selena’s peaceful vacation in Italy, where she was also sighted with Italian producer Andrea Iervolino. Googling “Andrea Iervolino” is what I’m intending to do.

We’ve explored every aspect of Selena’s probable new boyfriend. Recently, the singer admitted that she has been dating, although she did not name the person. Keep us informed, Selena; we live for the tea!

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