Julianne’s fans are pleading with her to be cautious after she shared a scary Instagram

After Julianne posted a terrifying Instagram, her followers are asking with her to exercise caution.

Again shocking her admirers with a daring stunt, Julianne Hough.

The multi-hyphenate celebrated the beginning of the year by uploading a video of herself jumping like a cheerleader to Instagram.

The 33-year-old dancer looks to leap into the air while poised on what appears to be a precarious ledge above the clouds, prompting fans to worry about her safety.

“Down and feeling happy about life in the first week of 2022!” “I appreciate all that has occurred thus far, and I look forward to what is ahead.” The Instagram caption was written by Julianne.

While Julianne’s exquisite dance technique left viewers speechless, they also shared their worries. One supporter yelled, “OMG!” I’m terrified of you! “Leave the place immediately!”

Another uttered, “Yikes!” I’d stress out if it were higher than it looks to be. Another supporter commented, “This makes me feel very anxious.” “Be careful!”

Although some claim a green screen was employed, Julianne’s backdrop of the sky is entirely real. The leaping video is from Julianne’s 2017 campaign to advertise the autumn range of MPG activewear.

This is some behind-the-scenes video from the gorgeous photo shoot:

After a few weeks of sharing another “death-defying” feat from her 2019 NBC Christmas special Holidays With the Houghs, Julianne shared her 2017 skydive.

During the holiday TV spectacular she cohosted with her brother, Derek Hough, Julianne was abruptly twirled around by her ankles, hurled up, and dropped to the ground.

Although Julianne had pleasant memories of the prank, she did add that it caused blood vessels and capillaries in her head to rupture at the time.

In conclusion, Julianne is a brave performer. Even still, I think we can all agree that this is not something you should do at home.

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