Britney pսlled out under her hit, wearing a barely noticeable skirt

Under her hit, Britney plled out in a barely perceptible skirt.

In honor of Throwback Thursday last Sunday, Britney Spears published five stills from a video of herself dancing to her 2003 single The Hook Up.

With a pair of brown shoes and a gold-fringed embellished corset mini-dress that appeared more like a costume than everyday wear, the 41-year-old semi-retired pop star looked magnificent.

Instead of performing for packed stadiums, Britney now only dances for her captive audience of combined 157.3M social media followers in the safety of her Calabasas residence or strips down on Hawaiian beaches.

In the last two posts done with Videoshop, Spears, who takes Prozac for depression, took sure to include a red rose emoji in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The Mississippi-born singer has been posting pictures of her favorite flower as part of a “personal photo project” called “Project Rose” since the COVID-19 virus outbreak. This effort was inspired by “Beyoncé and Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw.”

Some people assert that they can smell roses when they are praying or meditating with angels. Do you realize that? I didn’t, either. In 2020, Britney thought about the symbolism.

‘Roses have the greatest electrical frequency of any flower on Earth, and angels use the perfume of roses to communicate their spiritual presence. In other words, hurry along and get some flowers!

Sam Levinson, Reza Fahim, and The Weeknd’s six-episode thriller The Idol, which airs on HBO later this year, features a cryptic cameo from Britney Spears.

The Hold Me Closer singer also agreed to a $15 million publishing deal with Simon & Schuster, and “three distinct versions” of her autobiography were finished in July.

One can only guess what Britney may write about her estranged family members, her conservatorship of her two teenage sons, which lasted 13 years and will end in 2021, and its effects on her mind and career.

On the plus side, as their one-year wedding anniversary approaches, Spears, who recently sold her $11.8 million Calabasas mansion for $10.1 million, seems to be enjoying her marriage to Slumber Party video heartthrob Sam Asghari.

A month after announcing their pregnancy, the former Mouseketeer and the Iranian 29-year-old announced on May 14 that they had miscarried. Despite this, they said they will “continue to attempt to extend our wonderful family.”

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