Another dizzying image from Charlize! Deep nесkline and stօckings

Another unsettling Charlize picture! deep neckline and chainmail

During Oscars weekend, Charlize Theron ruled in her striking ensemble, demonstrating to Hollywood how it’s done.

Charlize Theron always manages to steal the spotlight when she visits a Hollywood event. The South African beauty exited an Oscar weekend dinner in Los Angeles on Friday, March 10, looking like a million bucks.

The 47-year-old ex-model showed she hasn’t forgotten her cover girl days by looking amazing in a barely-there outfit that featured an exposed black bra and fishnet stockings!

When the stunning Oscar winner attended the Santa Barbara Film Festival in the upscale beachside resort of southern California, she appeared as though she had just stepped off the runway a week earlier.

When she took the stage to make a speech, the Mad Max: Fury Road actress stole the show in a stunning fringe costume!

With a minidress that sparkled in rainbow colors, Charlize dared to distinguish out. She wore a black turtleneck sweater underneath the unusual dress. She still has that model edge as evidenced by the way her hip hairdo was slicked back and styled in a new wave.

When she is not catering to her Hollywood commitments, Charlize is committed to her family.

She shared an Instagram photo album on the occasion of her mother Gerda’s birthday, surprising followers by including a rare picture of her two daughters, August, 7, and Jackson, 10. The actress gushed in her comment about her mum.

Anybody who knows her understands how great it is to be standing in her sunlight, therefore I wanted to share her with all of you, Charlize wrote. She truly “IS” life.

Charlize, who has always been a loving mother, discussed the decision to adopt her two children with Chelsea Handler for Elle. Gerda played a significant role in this decision.

“My mother showed me a letter I’d written when I was young; I asked if we may go to the orphanage when I initially registered [for adoption]. There were orphanages all throughout South Africa, and I yearned to have a sibling.

I’ve always known that there are a lot of orphans and abandoned children in the world.

She continued, “Adoption is a really personal issue. I know some wonderful folks who don’t think they could parent another child as their own.

About that, I have respect. Yet, there was no distinction between parenting my biological child and my adopted child for me—and I know I’m not the only one. “I don’t feel like I’m missing anything,” the speaker said.

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