That’s what she’s worth! Adele is definitely out of reach

She is worth exactly that! Undoubtedly, Adele is out of reach.

What music would be perfect to play while you cry and check your bank account? Anything by Adele, as she has a knack for creating the ideal mood. Obviously, as long as you don’t consider Adele’s wealth when bemoaning your own lack of resources.

With over 120 million albums sold to date (!! ), she has made a name for herself as one of the world’s top-selling music artists since making her debut with “Hometown Glory” in 2008.

Naturally, her bank account now accurately reflects her great achievement. She’s not even angry—tbqh, she earned that coin.

But what will Adele’s net worth be in 2023? How much money did she make from her fantastic tenure in Las Vegas?

More importantly, how did her separation from Simon Konecki affect her finances? Let’s get going.

Her only source of income is touring.

As you probably already know, Adele doesn’t participate in endorsements. That indicates that she isn’t out here promoting fitness teas for #sponcon, in contrast to other celebrities we won’t name (cough, KIM KARDASHIAN, cough). Instead, Adele has made all of her money through a ton of tours, which is still the traditional manner.

Adele’s “continuous touring” led Forbes to value her at $69 million in 2017. Why don’t we take a look at her tours? The first is An Evening with Adele, which ran from 2008 to 2009 and brought in a little over $775,000; in 2011, Adele Live brought in about $2 million, more than double previous earnings. Not bad, but Adele Live 2016’s 2016–2017 run garnered a staggering $167.7 million in ticket sales alone, making her tour earnings insignificant in contrast. One word only: damn.

Adele’s net worth increased from $69 million to, wait for it, $1 billion nearly completely due to the second half of her 2016–2017 tour.

The Sunday Times estimates the amount to be $182 million. Um! Adele reportedly made £42 million from the massively popular tour, which, for those of you who are like GTFOH with that £, translates to about $55 million.

Even though Adele’s most recent album, 30 (womp), won’t be on tour, she will nonetheless do two special performances in London in July 2022.

Despite the hefty ticket costs, both dates’ tickets were sold out in a matter of minutes.

Soon after releasing her fourth studio album, Adele revealed Weekends With Adele, her planned Las Vegas residency, which brought in even more money. (I will address that later.)

Also, she has profited greatly from music sales.

To suggest that Adele’s four studio albums—19, 21, 25, and 30—have gotten positive reviews would be a massive understatement.

These four excellent albums have brought in $31 million in total album sales and $34 million in total digital single sales for the singer.

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