She’s also white! The network got first photos of the daughter of Naomi

She is white as well. The network obtained the first images of Naomi’s daughter.

Only recently did word get across the globe that Naomi Campbell, a famous supermodel, gave birth to a daughter at the age of 50, creating yet another “sensation”. This time, the fans were greatly surprised when the first images of the newborn appeared on the internet.

The baby’s face may be seen in the photographs taken by the paparazzi of the girl walking with her mother. It actually proved to be light.

Naomi withheld information on the baby’s birth. She just confirmed that she gave birth to a child on her own, without a surrogate mother’s assistance. And that she actually gave birth to this child and not someone else.

How the daughter could have turned out so fair and even with European features has baffled fans.

Fans write, “She’s white,” “Did she certainly give birth to her herself?” “A lovely girl, she may have gone to her father,” “European lips, how is this possible?” and “Maybe the genes will still surface,” among other things.

What do you think—is there a motherly resemblance? Do you think the supermodel actually gave birth to a female?

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