Madonna gladly demonstrates the fifth point, which even young people dream of

Madonna cheerfully exemplifies the fifth point, which even children dream of.

At the MTV Video Music Awards last year, Madonna made a grand entry wearing a look that instantly trended on Twitter.

She entered the stage first, donning a similar black headgear and a black trench coat over a leather bodysuit with puffy sleeves. “ And they anticipated that we wouldn’t last.

And yet, motherf-kers, we’re still here. “MTV, happy 40th birthday!” Welcome to the MTV Video Music Awards, good morning.

As she walked back into the wings, she turned around to reveal the high-cut backside of the bodysuit, which sparked a flood of comments online and in person.

Rumor has it that Madonna’s behind has become a point of concern lately. She played her timeless song “Like a Prayer” in New York City’s Stonewall Hotel in 2019.

Her bum appeared different to several followers, which spurred a discussion on Twitter about whether she had received an implant.

On Instagram, Madonna reacted with a cryptic comment. “Desperately Wanting No One’s Approval,” she captioned a selfie.

And I am entitled to the same freedom of choice over my body as everyone else! Gratitude to 2019! This year is going to be amazing! 2019: “Liberty, respect, fearlessness, and nondiscrimination.”

Under these circumstances, it makes sense that Twitter would be very vocal over her most recent attention-grabbing appearance. See some of the finest responses to Madonna’s VMAs attire in the following paragraphs.

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