Elizabeth, 57, looks sculpted in a totally ոaked Instagram photo

The Valentine’s Day post by Elizabeth Hurley is a huge hit. The 57-year-old model and actress posted a seductive image of herself naked in bed in honor of the holiday.

replete with flurry pillows that are arranged precisely. Her abs, arms, and legs are all flawlessly toned, that much is obvious.

Elizabeth wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” as the photo’s caption. Her friends and followers praised the appearance by sending her heart and fire emojis.

Elizabeth’s approach to fitness focuses more on being active throughout the day than on going to the gym. She said, “I don’t work out in the conventional sense, but I am very active.

She admitted to Extra that much of her exercise consists of gardening, logging, and cutting down hedges and trees with a chainsaw.

She also exercises her body via biking.

She isn’t entirely against gyms, though. In addition, she enjoys Pilates and yoga, according to The Cut.

I occasionally go to yoga or Pilates classes, but I work out at home the majority of the time.

Clarifies Elizabeth. I might do some arm, bottom, or stomach exercises, but I’m quite comfortable with all of them because I used to dance. My schedule makes it challenging for me to frequently travel elsewhere. That works quite well.

Elizabeth likes to garden, and she incorporates it into her healthy eating routine. “During the summer, we consume produce from my own garden.

All of my son’s meat used to come from a tiny organic farm I used to own, she told The Cut. Unfortunately, most people cannot afford it, but wherever you reside, it is a good idea to support local farmers.

She also makes a concerted effort to stay away from processed meals. “I favor cuisine that is straightforward, organic, and uncomplicated to make. Elizabeth also spoke to The Cut. She said, “I don’t like anything that involves a lot of chemicals or additives.

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