Britney declares that life goes on while dancing in the world’s teeniest miniskirt

When performing in the teeniest miniskirt in the world, Britney insists that life goes on.

Following a barrage of complaints from her fans, Britney Spears decided to block comments and has since returned to Instagram with her sexier-than-ever photographs.

Britney Spears is back on Instagram with a fresh round of gorgeous images.

While she proceeded to dance for her feed and released numerous clips from the movie, the pop princess filled social media with pictures.

Brit took over her living room and set up the camera to make sure she had enough space to spin and display her abilities, and she looked amazing doing it.

Britney chose a pink crop top that, when she raised her hands, just barely touched the bottom of her chest for her photo shoot.

Britney wore a little crop top with a white miniskirt that touched her groin and revealed a tiny tattoo over her nether regions.

She showed off her midriff while the skirt nearly reached her thighs before spinning around and showing off her lower back tattoo.

For the hilarious video, Britney put on the best performance in a set of white knee-high boots.

The actress kept her makeup natural with just black eyeliner and long blonde hair worn in waves that cascaded down her back.

She recently turned off comments after receiving numerous complaints from admirers about her posts, although she still had 60,000 likes at the time of publication.

Just before publishing her message, she posted a different image of her and her husband Sam Asghari to honor his birthday.

The celebrity wrote in the captions of several images with her beau: “Happy birthday wishes! I adore you and I hope you get everything you desire for on your birthday.”

The opulent A-list wedding of Sam and Britney last summer was attended by a large number of their famous pals.

Britney is currently residing with him, and she frequently shares glimpses of him on Instagram.

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